Any gadgets that are made even more convenient for use other than what they normally do are definitely a hot item for users. With that, a lot of gadgets that are wireless and Bluetooth operated continued to emerge in the market. Bluetooth speakers nowadays are popular since they are pretty much useful and convenient when going for outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for the best Bluetooth speakers that are convenient and one that would last long for a long day of use, check out Soundcast’s new VG1 Bluetooth Speaker– a wireless Bluetooth speaker that is especially fit for an adventurous lifestyle.

The speaker is small but handy and includes two aluminum drivers and passive radiators that add some bass so the sound will still sound even out even in outdoors. It comes with built-in shock protection and is water resistant. The best thing about this handy-dandy gadget is that its battery can last as long as 20 hrs which makes it perfect for outdoor adventures.