Not really throwing shade on Apple’s new announcement about the wireless Airpods, but seriously those earbuds aren’t really doing themselves any favors as it only makes the users worry about it easily falling out of place as they use it or misplace them easily any time of the day. Although with the wireless Bluetooth headset, you won’t be inconvenienced with the hassle of untangling the wires of your headset after taking it out from your pocket, however, the concern for it getting lost or falling off seems uncomfortable for use, well maybe for some.

Apple probably has foreseen this response and so they thought of another alternative that can offer people a solution to prevent such concerns. Apple then releases Beats X, also a Bluetooth wireless headset that does the same things but is impressively better. So if you are someone who works out with music a lot, this product is suited for you. This headset is designed to fit and stay with you even when getting active.